Life without a phone 

I tend to think that I won’t be able to survive without my phone, whenever I tried to think myself in a situation without phone, I felt my breath escaping away, me in a freaking out situation but then this horrible thought became true.😐

Days ago when I was doing work suddenly something hard fell down as I turned around what I saw was my phone lying on the floor almost dead. I froze, trying to sort out what will I do without it. I picked it up, checked, and then realized there are some breaths left. My eyes sparkled that yes I can still make it fixed, even I was out of my city, totally In a new city but somehow I managed to take it to the shop with a hope that It might get fix. I was staring the man closely who was trying to save my phone and then he rised his head with a hopeless face that it can’t get fix anymore totally out of work. My world stopped right there , all the hopes went in vain.

I came back to home. Broke the news to everyone that yayyy I’m phone less now 🙄🙄. They all laughed and nobody knew what pain I had. I felt like going back to stone age. When i insisted my parents to get me a new phone they asked me to wait to reduce my phone addiction😕. Man that was a freaking hard task for me.

I had other gadgets but not my personal phone. Nothing gave me the feeling that I used to have with my personal phone. Everyone used to use their phones and I was like an odd man out, a phone less girl consuming her time in novels, well that was a good way to forget phone though.

Then finally after almost 25 days of wait , of being phone less, the desire to get a phone was over. I learned to wait for things and then my parents understood that my addiction is over, They got me a new phone.
Those days were freaking hard for me. But yeah I consumed my time in more useful places that was somehow an advantage of being without phone. Well now my wait is over , my addiction is over and I have learned to wait for things. 😊😊


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