Food is the thing that almost drives everyone crazy, especially the food from different cuisines attract more.
If a dish is easy to make and gulp down than it tempt deeper.From being delicious to easy to cook brings one
dish in mind and that is “NOODLES”,No doubt every cuisine from the world involves the usage of noodles but
in this dish chinese are ruling, they have been the kings of noodle-making since ages.

They are most famous for their handpulled noodles that when reaches to stomach gives the pleasure
heaven. It is said that the noodles were encouraged first during HAN DYNASTY (206 BC – 220 AD). Noodles are of great importance for Chinese, For the rest of the world noodles may only mean a dish to swirl
and ride down the tummy but for Chinese it means “LONGEVITY” that is why are mostly served at birthday
parties. According to Chinese it is a healthy dish with low calories and high amount of carbohydrates and proteins.

The mouthwatering dish is made using wheat flour , rice flour and other starch ingredients. wheat flour is
preferred in northern china while rice flour is common in southern china. Rice flour noodles are simply and only have starch and water meanwhile wheat flour includes food color to make them yellow with different structure and taste. The noodles shape are same,they are stretched more and are kept uncut and long as they
are the symbol of longevity. They can be as thick and chopsticks and as thin as a needle. They are cooked quickly and the maximum time of cooking is 5-minutes. They can be either boiled or steamed, stir-fried,
deep-fried, or served in soup.

As these handpulled noodles are famous all over the china so it has several regional types.Among the most
famous are Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodles With Beef originated from qing dynasty with the major ingredients
being meat and soup with the essence of reddish pepper and garlic leaf. A perfect dish with perfect colour
combination of white,red,and green.

Another type of this is Xi’an Daoxiaomian (Knife Cut Noodles) is a specialty of China’s Shanxi province.
They are more chewy and their size vary. They come up with the options of chicken,lamb,and vegetables to
be added according to the sapor. The elements are basically napa cabbage, bok choy, and some oyster

Guangzhou Shahefen is a kind from Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces.Generally wider and white in
colour.usually chewy and kind of elastic.

A dish from captial is Beijing Zhajiangmian popular around the china and simplicity is its beauty. It’s sauce
is prepared seperately and has to be mixed to get a yummy bowl of noodles.It is garnished with cucumber on
top.The sauce is of soya beans and pork is mixed.

Kunming ‘Crossing the Bridge’ Noodles has a unique story behind it It was said that the man worked on the
other side of bridge and his wife wife would bring him food that on crossing bridge would become cold,so she
discovered that by keep the layer of oil on top will prevent it from going cold.The bowl of noodles is served
independently along with raw vegetables and slightly cooked meat along with a seperate bowl of boiling
soup.All these have to be combined to get a divine dish ridding down your throat !

spice when added to anything makes a dish dazzling with flavors of hotness,Chengdu Dandanmian is one of the spiciest dish. Sichuan province produces this and its addictive spices attracts people. sauce made up of
fresh chilies ,minced pork, vegetables,peppercorn and sometimes sesame paste makes it to eat.

Same as a vast china there are thousands of noodle dishes with appetizing flavors that makes
tummy growl and crave for them. They maybe peculiar in taste but they have the handmade noodles with
loads of human art and hard work in common.They are specially made in love with china for everyone !



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  1. Amazing post! 🙂
    I didn’t know about the origin of the variety of noodles. Your post has expanded my noodles-vocabulary and has made me feel hungry. 😛
    Keep writing more. 🙂


  2. Just got to love noodles. Great post! Look forward to more 😀


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